Friday, March 14, 2008

Issue 7 - Spring 2008

Issue 7 of INDIE ARTS is being mailed out to subscribers and contributors. What can I say about the incredible talent on this DVD?

This issue features a painting demo with Artist and Author, Michael deMeng during his workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico. In this demo, Michael shows ways of making things look old and how to blend objects together in assemblage art. He also shares tips on how to paint metal and plastic objects.

Indie Arts goes On-Location in Oaxaca Mexico during Dia de Los Muertos and includes a visit to a local cemetary and church.

Explore the art gallery with solo shows by Mixed Media Artist Lisa JonesMoore; Photographs during El Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico by Laurie Zuckerman; and original Oil Paintings of abstract flowers from Barbara Wurden.

There is a wonderful variety of informative and inspiring interviews in this issue. Explore the world of Book Arts and Art Dolls and see a demo of Encaustic Wax techniques with Mixed Media Artist Daris Judd. Doug Cristafir combines Photography, Photoshop and Painting techniques to create his visually timeless landscapes.

Rubbermoon owner, Debra Valoff talks about the Rubber Stamp business and gives a demo on making rubbers stamps. Diane Gilleland, Minister with the Church of Craft shares the origins of this unique church and how to start and sustain an Art Group in your community.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Suddenly Spring

Took a walk today in my neighborhood and noticed that the trees were suddenly alive with new leaves. I walked this same path yesterday and didn't see this spurt of new growth. Just when I needed to be reminded that things can change in my own life just as quickly and profusely...

I am taking on another challenge to learn motion graphics with my Adobe After Effects program and to get into another level of expertise with Photoshop CS3 which interfaces perfectly with After Effects. I am using a mountain of technical manuals to climb this steep learning curve, something I have become quite good at. You will see the results of this effort in the Special Issues of INDIE ARTS as they become available and in the next two regular subscription issues of the DVD magazine.