Thursday, May 15, 2008

VIDEO - What is INDIE ARTS - Issue 8

A preview of Issue 8 of INDIE ARTS: The DVD Magazine with a message from the producer on enthusiasm.


Elizabeth Parsons said...

very cool!

Shona Cole said...

I just finished viewing my copy of this magazine and I think it is the best to date (well minus the on location at Stampington, that one was awesome).

The artists were all wonderful. And I especially enjoyed Meredith Arnold's interview, I could have listened to another 1/2 hour!

Meredith Arnold said...

Karen has clearly got her finger on the pulse of what we, as artists, are interested in viewing and hearing. Each issue is succesively amazing!

THANKS for your kind comment, Shona! As Karen knows, I could probably have talked another nine hours or so... =)